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Vicel Packaging Ltd is committed to providing protective packaging for better living, including cellulose sausage casing and other cellulose materials. The company was established in 2012, using advanced technology from the USA and has established a strategic partnership with the Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to explore innovation and utilization of plant fibers. Vicel independently designed and built the first cellulose casing production line with independent intellectual property rights in Asia to manufacture peelable cellulose sausage casing. A complete system was built that meets international standards including FSSC22000, Kosher, Halal, MUI, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001.

Cellulose Casing Varieties
Clear Casing
Clear Casing
Among other casings, clear casings have the highest usage amount, presenting advantages of even thickness, high intensity, good flexibility and breathability, high temperature resistance and easy to peel. This product is well recognized by customers.
Stripes Casing
Stripes Casing
Stripes casings help to improve the identification of casings and are used to check whether the casings have been completely removed from sausages during the peeling process. Stripe casings are usually divided into black stripes, blue stripes and red stripes.
Color Casing
Color Casing
To meet customer needs, color casing in various colors have been developed. This kind of product is represented by the fumigation color, especially applicable to products without peeling and fumigation. Stained casing has advantages in increasing the identification of casings, helping find possible fragments and residues.
Transfer Color Casing
Transfer Color Casing
Based on practices and preferences of some countries and regions, color of these casings can be transferred to the outer surface of sausages during cooking to create bright color on the surface of the sausage, achieve the effect of dyeing, and improve the perception and appetite of consumers. Common color options are red and orange. These casings use food grade dyes to meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations.
Printed Casing
Printed Casing
Due to the impermeability of the printing color, this could make the printed pattern on the surface of sausages when the sausage is fumigated to produce logos, trademarks and other brand signs on sausages, which has inimitable advantages in improving the brand image of sausages. Printed patterns can be customized in both single or double sides for reprinting transparent casings or stained casings.
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