Service Support
Service Support

Vicel is focused on our customer's needs.

Customer service is our priority.

Our sales technical team will provide support to solve all processing performance parameters. We help customers to improve quality, yield, costs, so they can provide better products.
Sales Technical Support
Sales Technical Support
Vicel's principle objective is to put the customer's needs first. Our focus is to customize the products both in casing and sausage production.
Maximize the casing benefits
Optimize customer processing
Yield, efficiency, cost control
Trouble shoot all production and usage
New products
Maximize the casing benefits
Technology support in casing and meat technology

How to initiate sales technical support work

Please communicate your concerns with your sales agent. 

Then we can mutually develop a customized service plan.

Sales Technical Support
Our objective is to put the customer's needs first.
Always aim to provide total service of specialization and standardization.
We have a professional service team to provide solutions.
Service modes include: sales hotline support, regular inspection service, e-mail, on-site support, training and other ways as necessary.
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