Category Of Cellulose Casings
Category Of Cellulose Casings

Natural cellulose from trees and cotton linters (cotton by-products) are used as main raw materials of Vicel cellulose casings, which is a seamless cylindrical film cellulose derivative through a complex series of esterification reaction, and is widely used in the production of tubular sausage casing. This is an ideal green and environmental protection packing material for sausage foods. It is also known as “peeled casings” because these casings need to be removed before eating sausages.

  • Natural Material, Abundant Supply
    Natural Material, Abundant Supply

    The main raw materials are made from natural cellulose of tree and cotton linter. The raw materials are renewable.

  • Green, Environmental & Healthy
    Green, Environmental & Healthy

    Non-toxic and odorless, it can be degraded naturally in soil, and will not cause secondary pollution to the environment.

  • Excellent Performance & Ease of Use
    Excellent Performance & Ease of Use

    Uniform thickness, high strength, good elasticity, good abrasion resistance, no static electricity, suitable for high speed automatic filling requirements.

    Cellulose molecules have high permeability to water, air, and smoke, improving the sausage flavor and color.

    The casing has uniform caliber, consistent size, correct elasticity and strength, and good preservation qualities.

    During storage, no refrigeration is required. The casing can be used directly from the package without soaking.

    The casing has high temperature resistance.

    Various end closures are offered to the needs of all customers.

    Easy to peel, and easy to eat.

  • Various colors offered
    Various colors offered

    According to customer's diverisfied needs, we can provide a variety of casings, including clear, stripes, color, transfer color,  printed .

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