R & D Strengths

    The main sources of the company's processing technology are independent research and development, international technical cooperation and school-enterprise research cooperation.

    The company is committed to the development of new technologies, and has developed a number of original and innovative technologies. The production process of "bio based cellulose casings" is based on our original patent technology and the guidance of international top experts of cellulose casings. The company has carried out technological innovation and reform in the production technology of cellulose membranes, and has made innovative research and development in the molding process of viscose and casings with the introduction of new technology, which is advanced in the world and fills the gap in China. Through the cooperation with American film casing technology company and American four seas limited liability company, the company has brought in international top technical experts in the industry, such as Mr. Allan Dewey Sdale, and introduced international advanced cellulose casing production technology with complete files and technology. At the same time, the company has established a close cooperative relationship with Xia Yanzhi , professor of Marine FiberNew Materials College of Qingdao University, and Kong Fangong, professor of State Key Laboratory of green papermaking of bio based cellulose new materials of Qilu University of Technology, and jointly researched and developed the project and new technology such as "key technology research and industrialization of casing production with large inner hole, long rod cellulose ", "key technology research and industrialization of transferable fast-smoked cellulose casing production".

    Adhering to the core value of "value comes from innovation, standardization breeds harmony", with the joint efforts of engineering and technical personnel and R & D personnel, the company has established the first 18 nozzle cellulose casing production model line with independent intellectual property rights in Asia, successfully breaking the international long-term technical monopoly on cellulose casing production. At present, we are committed to the development of new products. We have gradually established a series of mature products such as cellulose clear casings, striped casings, dyed casings and color transferable color casings. We are the first to pass a series of international standard management systems such as fssc22000 food safety system, QES three systems, HALAL export certification, kosher Jewish certification, MUI certification and intellectual property management system. The company is a firm supporter of HACCP standard. It strictly controls all production and chemical processes, and has a perfect product traceability system. It always provides excellent products with green, environmental protection and safety to the society. The product quality is excellent, and has won praise from customers at home and abroad.

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